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Backyard Brewing with Spiked Seltzer!

Today, The Gluten Free Chick took a field trip up to Westport, Connecticut. Nick Shields, the founder of SpikedSeltzer, greeted us with some ice cold drinks when we arrived at his home. He showed us how he creats test batches of his very delicious, gluten free, spiked seltzers. We tried a new recipe using finely grated ginger and pressed lemon rinds. SpikedSeltzer is a unique, all natural, citrus-flavored, low carb, 6% alcohol beverage. While technically a beer, it’s unlike all traditional beers because it does not contain any barley, wheat, or sorghum, making it completely gluten free. Currently, SpikedSeltzer has three flavors on the market now. The Valencia Orange is my favorite! Try SpikedSeltzer

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